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Conditions for the hiring of Gite maison Andre
Art. 1
Duration of the hire: The hirer making this contract for a specific period of time has absolutely no right of permanant residence afore or thereafter.
Art. 2
The reservation will become effective once the proprietor has received the deposit of 25% of the total price of the hire, and the return of part one of the contract. Part two of the contract is to be retained by the hirer. The price quoted in the contract includes all local taxes and charges. The property will be available for occupation after 1400 hrs. on the first day of the hire and must be vacated by 1000 hrs. on the last day of the hire
Art. 3
Cancellation of the contract: Other than in exceptional circumstances, all cancellations must be made in writing and are subject to the following conditions:-
1. Before the start of the hire, Less than 30 days notice will result in the retention of the deposit by the proprietor.
2. Early termination during the hire, the proprietor reserves the right to charge the total cost of the hire.
3. If the hirer does not arrive to commence the hire by 1900hrs. on the first day of the hire without prior agreement, the proprietor reserves the right to re-let the property. The proprietor will retain the deposit and has the right to claim the balance of the hire if no re-let is possible.
Art. 4
The hirer will pay the balance of the contracted price upon arrive at the start of the hire. Any further charges under Art.2 will become due at the end of the hire period.
Art. 5
Capacity: The contract will state the number of persons inhabiting the premises. The proprietor reserves the right to refuse more than the contracted number without prior approval. Any such refusal cannot be considered a modification or breaking of the contract on the part of the proprietor.
Art. 6
Should the accomodation become inhabitable due to natural or other catastrophes the following shall apply;
a). If applicable before occupancy, the proprietor will reimbourse all deposits paid and make reasonable effort to find alternatives for the hirer but not be liable for any extra costs or charges incurred in pursuance of the same.
b). If during occupancy, the proprietor will make reasonable effort to find alternative accomodation at least to the same standard, but not be liable for any extra costs or charges incurred in pursuance of the same
Art. 7
The proprietor carries insurance for loss applicable to the property and third party liability according to French Law and only French Law pertaining at the time of hire. Client and third party personal goods, travel arrangements, vehicle hire are not included and therefore all clients should make their own provisions to cover.
These terms and conditions are not exhaustive and any hire of property for vacational use is covered by French Local and National Law. If any hirer has concerns and doubts regarding the hiring of French property advice is available from the French and British authorities and should be sought before entering any aggreement to hire